I oft wonder if the naysayers, the naïve, the neophytes, the nasty fear-mongers, the purveyors of myths, the suckers for myths... will any hear or be able to hear, let themselves hear, all the good (things) in or about Windows8 that many people mention w/ great enthusiasm. Do they or will they hear all the positive comments made praising particular aspects & then more accolades from additional, other people lauding, even, more & different impressive Features, functions or underlying technologies. Can some people come to understand Win8 & have it, also for them, be fun, easy & sensible to use?

Being guarded not to rant or repeat (too much)...

There have been heaps of attempts to prognosticate how things will unfold for Windows8 following Oct. 26th. Adoption discussions saying how that will go. We don't really know, folks! Que sera, sera. However, the crux of the matter is attitude. That, in a word, nutshells it. New or the same, APPs or not, start buttons & menus gone or not old or new, none of that matters more than attitude, it transcends everything. Willingness, interest, openness and not being an unknowing, innocent, lemming... being the sort to listen, learn & not go by hype & hearsay.

Many things contribute to a poor attitude. Many (other, better) things can, also, provoke a good attitude. Things are easier to discover, absorb & appreciate w/out being self-centric, wearing blinders, being gullible, stubborn or arrogant.

That said, I, just, hope people will hear (& think about) the virtues of Windows8 that people are so keen to state w/ excitement. Maybe it will cause them ponder that the good attitude, indeed, has merit.

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being the sort to listen, learn & not go by hype & hearsay.
My eyes don't lie, I'll pass on the "Crayola App Selection Screen". My biggest complaint is cosmetics. Although watching a few Youtube videos, there are a few other issues I absolutely do not desire in an OS. For me there is nothing to listen to and nothing to learn about, when I consider something so cosmetically ugly I choose not to have it on my monitor.

There is one thing that Microsoft needs to let sink in their head. People don't always like the same thing and need choices. However I also believe there is such a thing as to many choices at the same time. Just look at the auto industry, there are so many choices, replacement parts are usually outrageously high from low demand. I know comparing physical parts are not the same as virtual items but choices still have to be programed. And the more choices made the less demand there will be for each choice. The point I'm trying to make is no one has to settle for the same model and color vehicle when purchasing from one maker. When purchasing from Microsoft we shouldn't be locked into only one Interface or scheme. Microsoft is acting as if we wouldn't know how to drive if we jumped into a different model car painted a different color.

What you are talking about is one, single, OPTIONAL, screen. AND applications can be use & accessed w/out ever visiting that screen that you feel is so cosmetically ugly.

Nobody says everybody HAS to like something NOR that they NEED it. IF, you are trying to say one has no choice but, to use the Win8 Start screen, Tiles & APPs... that is false. The/that choice does exist.... the choice to use that screen or not; to use Tiles or not. exists.

Also, in all fairness, there is much more to the OS than the Start screen, the Tiles or the UI in general. Just because something is slightly or somewhat new & different, from the familiar is introduced, doesn't make it, in its entirety, inherently bad.

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First impressions are a big factor on whether people like something or not. The first impression for most unprepared users of Windows 8 is not good. The Metro mess shoved in their face, a bunch of crappy apps, no start menu, hidden power button, hot spots, etc don't give a pleasant first experience. Yes you can learn to get past all of that but everybody doesn't want to relearn everything about using Windows. You haven't seen any real complaining yet. Wait until users with the Homer Simpson mentality try Windows 8 and tell their friends about it.

Except not all are telling their friends bad things about it.

Many encounter the same OS & find it pleasant and easy to use. Many convey that & how to have such a User Experience.

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It hasn't gone out to the general public yet either.


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I'm one of those old fashioned and conservative men who don't really believe in the leading role of high tech. I don't like computers directing or using me, I see myself as the one who uses them. I still have the opinion that, instead of producing new stuff all the time, Microsoft and all others should concentrate on creating truly safe and consumer friendly systems and apps.

But of course, "Money" - Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey - YouTube

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