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Windows 7 Audio Jack not working, but USB Audio is.


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Jun 24, 2011
My self built computer recently had a change of motherboard, I now have a Asrock N68C-GS FX.

The front cases' and computers back audio jack are not working, I have tried numerous headphones and speakers.

However my USB headset works perfectly. My drivers are all up to date, I'm struggling to think a reason why it's not working.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks, lee.
Although I can't imagine why it would be, double check your BIOS and confirm that your onboard audio device is enabled and showing up properly in device manager when in Windows.
Right click the speaker in the notification area and choose playback devices and confirm that you have the proper device set as default (with the Green check mark).
Check the motherboard header for the cable going to your front jacks and confirm that it is plugged into the proper header and oriented correctly and then seated properly.
Other than that I got nothing. I know my onboard Realtek sound chip on my Gigabyte MoBo went wonky recently and I just replaced it with a moderately priced Creative. Just disabled it in the BIOS.
You may have some warranty options that are also available to you from the manufacturer or vendor who sold it to you.
Thanks for you help. I don't know what you asking me to do in the BIOS, "I'm not that good with computer as i'm only 15."
When I go to playback, it says "No Audio Devices are installed" even though I have my headphones and speakers plugged in.
The motherboard is correctly set up as I followed and checked the guide booklet, and got a computer repair man to make sure it was as well.
Check your documentation. I believe page 42 of the MoBo manual explains enabling and or disabling your onboard HD Audio.
The fact that Windows doesn't see it would suggest that it may not be enabled or that their may be something wrong with the onboard chip.
Or if present in Device Manager it may be disabled or lack appropriate drivers but that would likely exhibit different symptoms.

http://www.asrock.com/mb/NVIDIA/N68C-GS FX/?cat=Manual
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