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I have done everything that is said to do to activate the auto fill feature in Windows Edge, but I still have to type in my user name every time I access one of my websites. Any other suggestions?



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Sometimes the browser will offer to save the password but in any case pop into the advanced settings and make sure the 'offer to save passwords' is enabled.

Sometimes the browser will offer to save the password but in any case pop into the advanced settings and make sure the 'offer to save passwords' is enabled.
I don't want the password to be saved and have turned that off, I want the "save form" entries and no matter what I do, it doesn't work.

Did you ever get autofill working, kemical? I've got the same problem, almost a year later. I've activated the autofill function, deactivated, reactivated, but no luck. Your posting was not exactly overwhelmed with support or advice. Does anyone else out there have the same problem, or has worked out how to fix it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, because the Edge performance in this respect is way behind its competitors.


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By autofill, you probably mean the "Show search suggestions, as I type", or are you referring to "Save form entries"? I don't have, at least on my computers, a specific option for "Autofill"
I do not use the former, as I would not care to have that info stored, but the other function is working OK.
P.S. We are referring to Edge ?

Yes, Dave, should have clarified it as "save form entries", which is switched on in settings. A strange thing is that entries for First Name, Surname, Street, City, etc, don't work at all, but if there's an E-mail entry, it conveniently lists three of my email addresses to select from. But it seems to work in no other case. Referring to Edge.


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OK. Well, as I said, I don't use the feature, but, now that this thread has been refreshed, maybe a user can pop in and suggest a fix. Only suggestion I can guess at is:
Are you logged in with a live account and a completed profile? - Possibly the OS uses this info for the form filling. If I browse this problem, I see many examples of how to enable it - of which we are aware!, but no solution if it does not work.
My own experience is only with specific sites, where online purchases can be made. These are controlled by the sites themselves, and (so far) have not given me any problems

Yes, am signed in with complete profile. I've uploaded a picture from a site that has a test form specifically set up to check whether form fill is working, showing how the E-mail field has values which pop up as soon as you click in the field, but nothing appears when any of the other fields are clicked, despite the fact that I've completed the form several times.

Edge form fill.GIF


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Still waiting for some knowledgeable advice???? But, I wonder if , pehaps, you should only have one Email address registered on the site.


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All I can tell you is that on my computer, when this forum opens I have to click on Login, when I type the first letter into the window, it offers both my name and my email address (both of which start with m) I finally today clicked the little circle for Remember Me, and now it logs me in without asking, at least for today.

I think I've done this before and it has forgotten, we'll see if it still logs my in tomorrow.

Under Advanced Settings, Privacy and services I have every thing turned "ON".

The only exception is the one about Optimizing for Screen Readers.

I use Firefox as my default browser, (having had problems with Chrome after the AU update) so I don't really use Edge often.

Though I'm finally getting used to it, and finding it a little easier to use then I did to start with.



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every new update from Microsoft has some small fix for edge in it... I've stopped trying to keep up and will wait until they (Microsoft) finish their beta testing

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