Windows 8 Automatic Vacation Email


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May 17, 2013
Several weeks ago I googled how to set up an automatic email response stating that I would be out of town. I am now back and cannot figure out how to turn it off! Please help!


It can depend on how you set it up.

What are you using for an e-mail client?
And who is your e-mail supplier?

If the link above doesn't help let us know.


Thanks but I'm sure I activated it in the windows settings somehow. I couldn't even get to where your link was telling me to go.

There weren't that many steps when I did it. I can't even find the instructions on how I did it so I can un do it. My biggest problem is how to find things in windows 8. I had to google how to restart the computer! I have never been more frustrated with an OS as I am with this one.

I think I'm using windows live email. It's I've tried right-clicking on mail, tried settings, I just don't know what else to do.​

How about a screen shot of what your looking would help tremendously. Block out all the vital information, this way we all will be on the same page.

I'm not looking at anything. It's just windows 8 email. I've been to settings and control panel and whatever else I can get to.

Like Mike pointed out earlier, we need to know what email client your using. I'm not sure what you're referring to with "windows 8 mail", are you talking "mail app" on the start menu?

I found this what your looking for...if so just reverse it.

Link Removed

Ahhh...think I've got it for you for the new which is the old live mail.

Go to and log in to your email account

1. click the cog wheel
2. click more mail settings
3. click sending automated vacation replies
4. tick circle do not send vacation replies

That should do it for you.

Yes. I use the email app and log in to my msn email account.

Thank you so much! That did it. I've been messing with this ALL DAY!

LMAO...sorry, but that just struck me funny. Glad you got it sorted. It only took me a couple of minutes to once I found out what email client you were using. Come on back with any other problems you might have, we're here to help.