Back up to external hard drive


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Hi again,
Yup, Microsoft Backup or Windows Backup has never done it for me since the inclusion of the initial built-in Windows Backup program back in Windows3.1 over 20 years ago. It's never been their strong suit. So you are telling me nothing I don't already know. Most of us Techs have experimented with the recommended Image & Clone backup programs for many years here, and we're giving you the benefit of our experience. Take a look at Macrium--you won't be disappointed. In the old days we had to pay $$ for programs like Norton Ghost which rarely if ever worked even in the business environment. Now, you have a super tool like Macrium to use--and it's completely Free!! Well worth the time to learn how to use it. And you'll probably be wanting to send me an Edible Arrangement if your hard drive ever crashes and you have to buy a new one; and pop a new drive in and you can be back and running within a couple of hours! :up: (that does take some practice however!); but it is possible to achieve.


Hi! I don't want to push you; here's thread I just created that will show you how to use the W10 back up image feature.
A 3rd party image program is better, but this is better then nothing. Give it a look!
How to use the Windows back up image

I have better things to spend my time on,will hand external drive to local tech for confirmation of paperweight status.I appreciate everyones offers and help.Thanks.

You are very Welcome!!;):) We are always here for you!


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No problem! As holdum and others mentioned we are here to help!:up: And, yes, it's a good idea to pay a Tech to test your Hard Drive for you prior to putting something on it as vital and critically important as an Image Backup. In most US locations that will cost you about $25-$75 depending on whether you have an independent licensed Tech do it for you, or go to a big box computer store such as Best Buy-Geek Squad or MicroCenter. To help you plan for the expense, I typically charge about $30-$35 to do this testing. I charge more to test a laptop drive than a desktop drive, as they can be much more work to disassemble to get the hard drive out of than a desktop PC.:)

Thanks for your patience with us. We are a bunch of over-achieving, super-experienced people who aim to please, so sometimes we can come off as pushy or even too intense for a lot of people's tastes. :blink:

If you get time down the road, post back and let us know how things went for you.

Cheers and the best of luck !:encouragement:

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