Windows 10 Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) Will not start; Error 5: Access Denied


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My laptop is running Windows 10. I am trying to update it to the most recent version, but to my dismay I cannot update it. When I try check for update it gives me a error code, which the error code says that BITS will not start. (Error 5: Access is denied.)

I ran a sfc /scannow, which found a corrupt folder/s and the log is below.

I've tried several other things online, but nothing else seems to do anything. Hope someone can help me, I would prefer not to have to reinstall windows.


Things to Note:
- The service is listed in services, I've tried to recreate the service.
- In services BITS is listed as BITS, not Background Intelligent Transfer Service.
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Looks like you have some extra SACL permissions on there it probably won't affect it but you may want to reset the permissions.
Open an elevated command prompt
  • Backup your SDDL string with sc sdshow bits >> %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\SDDL_BITS.txt
  • Now import the default SDDL with
If neem's solution doesn't work, I might suggest you backup your personal data to external media and then rollback your Windows to before the last update or 2 came into your computer; say 1-3 weeks ago using System Restore. This will often fix ALL kinds of problems with WU & BITS. :up: If your problem persists, you should then attempt a complete Windows10 Clean Install, check if your Updates are working and get you to the latest version-this may take a few days-then, and only then should you begin to reinstall your programs such as MS Office, and webupdates (Adobe + Java) and your AV if you are not using the built-in Windows Defender (WD). People with aversions to reinstalling their Windows is quite normal, as it could take weeks or even months to put back everything that's now on your computer even close to where it was before the windows reinstall. Sometimes, you have to just bite the bullet and do it.