1. Azareen

    Windows 10 Desktop Background Pictures

    I get these really cool pictures from Bing on my screen's background. It stays for a while, and gets replaced with another picture automatically. I like this feature very much, but I want to save some of the pictures and can't find where they are located? Thank you for your assistance.
  2. UltraNeros

    Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) Will not start; Error 5: Access Denied

    [PLEASE READ ENTIRETY OF MY POST] My laptop is running Windows 10. I am trying to update it to the most recent version, but to my dismay I cannot update it. When I try check for update it gives me a error code, which the error code says that BITS will not start. (Error 5: Access is denied.) I...
  3. N

    Windows 10 Background Processes

    Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone could explain something weird I found today. I went to my recycle bin and found some files in there that while I have no idea what they are for, I have a feeling they are not supposed to be there. I'm using windows 10 64 bit btw. These are the files in there...
  4. Vandk

    Background Sounds in Windows 10

    Sounds of an advertisement start playing in the background in Windows 10. I just can't shut it off. When I am watching a video, or playing music or skyping, I hear other sounds (from an advertisement, from the sound of it). I hear it even if I have no internet browser running. I can't...