Windows 10 Windows 11 to replace the blue screen of death with a black screen (BSOD)


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Running Win 11? See below about changing the colour of the bsod screen, thanks to Guru3D:
The Blue Death screen is already an iconic element of Windows, and is also known as BSOD. It was time, though, to say farewell. Windows 11 contains a black death screen, which fortunately keeps the BSOD abbreviation in English.

the output is precisely the same as that of the blue screen, which only changes the color of the backdrop, so it better blends with on and off systems that have likewise a black background. according to Microsoft. In addition to the basic error codes we have seen since Windows 3.0, the sad face introduced in 2012 and the QR code introduced in 2016 are kept.

Wanna enable it already?

This black death screen is already in the insider's version, however, the green screen seen in the insider builds is active. If you wish to enable, you may do this by registering, change the DisplayPreReleaseColor Variable to 0, and restart the system (HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet\ Control \ CrazhControl)).
Ref: Windows 11 to replace the blue screen of death with a black screen (BSOD)
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