Bad Pool Header BSOD, minidump inside.


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Remove the bad sticks
Wait for further BSOD's
If they happen, zip up the contents of C:\Windows\Minidump and upload it with your next post.

Ok so i should wait for bsod to happen, should i reinstall windows? the failing updates i think are happening because of a corrupt install.

Oh and what can i do to test for bsod just use the pc like normal? web browsing and such.


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Just use the PC normally. Don't mess with anything else and see if you get BSOD's.
If you get a BSOD within the next 2 weeks or so, then we can discuss possible courses of action.

Ok cool, ill report back next week or once I get a bsod

Hey, I have been using the pc and no bsod, errors, or crashes. I still cannot install the updates because of my windows corruption. What is the best way to reinstall windows? During my previous attempts before I knew my ram was going bad I had 100mb unallocated space after the installation instead of the 100 mb system reserved partition.


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You can investigate Windows Updates issues at the following link. These experts know way much more about Windows Updates than I'll ever know: Windows Update

If you're looking to reinstall Windows, try this procedure: Canned Speeches - Diagnostic/Clean Install

Will do, thanks for your help. If i have any problems i will report back.

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