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Hi all, I am new to this forum. I just had a quick question. I have noticed that now tha I am running Win7, my bandwidth speed (as tested with are significantly faster. When I say faster, I mean crazy fast. I went from 6mbps to over 20mbps.

Does anyone know why this is? Mind you I am not complaining, but this increase in speed is simply amazing.

Do you use Comcast for your internet?


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Nope, Road Runner.

That's definitely a good boost in speed.. ;)


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Stoked, thats awesome. Maybe you have a bad driver before you installed 7.

could be with a fresh new OS you probably don't have as many wares using your bandwidth in the backround

#7 is questionable. I have comcast and I was testing 160mbps on speedtest and 20mbps on if you can use a java based test over a flash test because they're more reliable.

well... that´s FNG nice =P i say you love it while it last... hoping that´s a looooooooooooong time lol


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I'm on Comcast Internet. I'm paying for 6 Mbps download speeds and it does sometimes give me steady download speeds averaging about 6M. However they give us 'Speed Boost" also. This allows us to download at a much faster rate for the first 20 megabytes of the download. My downloads often start up at about 16 Mbps. Then after a while they slow down to my usual 6M transfer rate. When I go to the Speakeasy Bandwidth Test it allways says I'm downloading at somewhere between 12m and 16M.

I think Road Runner does something similar. They advertise 7M download speeds so their equivalent to "Speed Boost" might be a little faster than Comcast's.

Please take this as just a guess. I really don't know about Road Runner. I only know my own experience with Comcast.

This is what I am talking about. I am really lovin" it.


Yeah, I got one of those too, but I don't believe it to be true. I downloaded a CAD program the other day wirelessly, an I was averaging actual 1.5 mbps download speeds....a far cry from what you see below

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