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Every time my computer goes idle (i think this is the source), my computer slows way down, very slow to respond and come out of idle. All programs slow to open. I looked at my physical memory use and found that svchost.exe is using 1G of my physical memory and 4G reserved for it. After a little digging, i found what services were using that process. Base Filtering Engine, which i looked through and figured out i can turn off the firewall (because i have my own, purchased firewall). This didn't help much, if at all. I'm wondering if there are any other services i can disable, or any way to have this process use less memory? or maybe i'm going at it all wrong...



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I wouldn't leave the firewall disabled as this will leave you wide open to any attacks.

Can you post a bit more detail on your system please.

Windows does keep your most used apps cached in the memory so they open faster when you want them. This can often make users think that there's an error but this is normal practice.
If you've changed any settings try returning to default settings. Do you run any type of maintenance program? If not try running Ccleaner:
CCleaner - Download

Lastly when you say 'idle', do you mean when the screensaver has been running or something else?

I'm unsure what info you're looking for about my system. I took a snip, below.
I wanted to reformat my computer, but, either i can't find the windows disk or it didn't come with one when i bought it.
What does Ccleaner do? I don't think i'm running a "maintenance program"
I disabled the windows firewall because i have my own firewall running, and found it pretty useless to have 2 firewalls bogging down my system.
And by "idle", i did mean going to screen saver. I typically leave my computer running over night and throughout the day because i use a DLNA off this computer. But, like i said, i'm not sure that's the root cause of the slow down of my computer because i don't typically jump on it right after start up. But for that process to be using over 1/3 of my physical memory, seems wrong.
Thank you for the help


Also, are all the hard faults normal for that process?? It typically sits around 100


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Also, are all the hard faults normal for that process
Hard faults are normal yes and svchost.exe is important to the os:
What is svchost.exe And Why Is It Running?
See if the above information helps you decipher whats using the resources.

Ccleaner basically cleans out your temp files, Recycle bin and the like. The only thing you don't need to use is the registry cleaner as windows doesn't need it and it usually causes more issues than fix them.


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I saw this once on the computer of my wife, just after login all normal, but after a while some process using almost every CPU cycle and memory it could get. Whatever I tried, I never found what caused it.

My way out was creating a new account, transferring all files to it and deleting the old one.
Not very satisfactory, but it worked.
You may give it a try when all other attempts fail.

Hope I still added something useful and helpful

Thanks for the help. I've already read up on what the svchost.exe is, I'm just confused as to why it is using 1/3 of my physical memory... once it gets up, I have zero physical memory free and everything is so slow!!
As a last resort, I could try the new account I guess...

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