Battlefield 5 crash sometimes when i click SKIP CUTSCENE.


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When i am run Battlefield 5 after long time sitting on desktop and click mission restart,when i click PRESS SPACE to skip scene movie part it crash everytime to desktop.

Event viewer said:"display driver stopped responding and has recovered".

This is exception code of crash:"0x887a0006 "

Second time its fine.

So when i am on Windows 10 desktop without game running few hours. And after long time when i run game first time, it always crashed on the same point. Just before mission start when i click SKIP CUTSCENE. Thats all. Second time its fine.

Also in background have only gpuz and msi afterburner + rivatuner.

My pc: 9900K 5ghz 1.33v
2x16GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000mhz XMP Corsair 850 RmX
Rtx 2080 Ti Aorus Xtreme ( stock ,no oc )
I am using the newest drivers.

Also i tested Unigine Heaven ,3dmark firestrike and other games for hours and no crashes. Even Battlefield 5 running stable,just that one crash after movie part intro scene. Is my cpu not stable?
Somebody said from GF forum this:"your cpu is probably not fully stable and tiny errors just built up till this eventuated"


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More than likely it's that overclock. Dial it back a little


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It crashed in exact the same place , when i click SKIP CUTSCENE just before mission loaded. WITHOUT CLICKING SKIP CUTSCENE it will not crash. So?

Again when i run game second time, it will never crash . :)

And somebody said this to me:"there isn't such a thing as a stable overclock, the entire premise of a cpu in its function is one of a temporal unstable state that works until it doesn't.



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Game running smooth no crashes. It just crash after i click SKIP CUTSCENE during loading chapter 3. On second run it never crash even when i click cutscene. I suspect some memory leak or driver issue? Anyway i tried newest drivers ( not creator one ) and problem resolved. It not crashed for the first time.


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Somebody said:"
ts the cpu =_=

do yourself a favour and take a trip to the EA forums and look at all the topics on it.

Multithreaded frostbite engine is notorious for putting the driver into a bad state on unstable cpu's. "

So if its the cpu why on updated drivers ( not creator one ) i dont have issue now?