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I just responded to a post on a graphic arts forum.

The poster had taken the Windows OS 1.5 TB Hard Drive Running Windows 7 64 bit, out of one of his computers and put it into another computer, replacing a drive running Windows 7 32 bit and wanted to know why it wouldn't boot.

He did this because the faster I5 Computer only had a 250 gig hard drive.

He's dropping a Widows install into a computer of a different brand, with totally different components and wants it to boot up.

And on top of that he's loading 64 bit drivers for everything!

My advice was to get a new hard drive, leave the first drive where it is and start from scratch. LOL



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At the cost of HD's now, this makes sense more than ever. There are just too many problems with moving a HD to another PC. Even better just purchase a 2nd HD to add with the 250 GB drive. This will give the storage space you want without the inherent problems of swapping drives.


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If he gets it to work he could maybe help a mate of mine who'd like the engine and transmission from a BMW 5 Series dropped into a Ford Escort to soup it up.

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