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I want to get the best registry cleaner I can find for Vista. There are so many available and you don't know whose reviews to trust. I just logged on to Cnet and they give Ace Utilities 4.2 a 5 star review. It's 30 bucks. I know there are some free ones out there. In fact, I just noticed that my McAfee Security software had a registry cleaner but don't know how well it works. What's the best one?


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thank you, I am a new vista user so i imagine your forum will come in very handy.

glad you are here


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thank you, I am a new vista user so i imagine your forum will come in very handy.

glad you are here
Hi Susan,

welcome to the forum and please don't hesitate to ask if you need an answer to anything.. :)

Hello Windows Vista users!

Many people have recommend me to use registry tool, mostly speed up my Windows Vista performance which have really slow down lately. I've been checking many sites, and most of them recommend Registry Easy to go with. What do you guys say?

Here is review I've read: Best 5 Registry Fix and Repair Tools | Fix Exe

Thank you for your suggestions in advance.

How to choose a best registry optimizer ?

I suggested that you use one of the best registry optimizer & cleaner which offer:
a) They offer a without charge scan or download
b) They have a money back guarantee
c) They are simple to use
d) They offer support


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The best registry cleaner is without a doubt a Microsoft monkey...fully trained in all things

You're best using a recognized registry cleaner to fix your PC. I've used many in the past and most will actually cause more damage than good. That's why most old & free regsitry cleaners are not recommended.

I personally use one called Registry Mechanic, but there are plenty of other good ones.

You can see the best Vista regsitry cleaners here.

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The closest you should go to a reg cleaner is CCleaner which has a component that addresses registry concerns but, primarily is an excellent tool to keep Junk/Unnecessarry files cleared. Other than that the recommendation & Best Practice is to avoid things that muck about in the registry.



OS Managers that work!

Hi everybody! I work with computers everyday and have recently changed my game. I used to go to people's houses and deal with their computer problems hands on. Now I pay for LogMeInRescue among some other things and deal with typical maintenance issues from my own computer. One of the main reasons I now do it this way is because of Yamicsoft's OS managers (XP Manager, Vista Manager and now Windows 7 Manager). I highly encourage everyone to at least give the appropriate Manager a try with their 15 day trial. I especially like the RAM utility within the Optimizer tab>System Speed>RAM and Disk Cache>Free Up Memory.
There is also a wizard that will guide you through all of the important stuff with small tuturials before each process. Give Yamicsoft a try and if you decide to buy tell them scvsmark referred you in comments when ordering.

Once you have run through the tuturial you will be able to just use the "1-Click Cleaner" to dump junk files and clean and compact your registry which is completely automated. Btw, I normally don't recommend compacting registry but this one works safely.

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Been there done that

Well, I too have been using PC Tools software for quite some time. In fact, I still have valid subscriptions to both Mechanic and SpyDoc, however, as far as maintenance goes Windows 7 Manager blows Mechanic right out of the water. Run your Registry Mechanic and make sure it says zero errors the second time around and then just use the One-Click Cleaner option from W7 Manager. You'll see what I'm talking about. And that's only part of what it can do.


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Have you tried it the other way around.

Many so-called registry cleans act like CCleaner and remove y]all the Bags, MRU temporary Internet files, etc keys that's what might be happening in your case.

Take it for what it's worth...

No offense, but that sounds like something my girlfriend would ask me. Yes, one-click does clean out junk files which is the first part of my maintenance routine, next is registry errors and then compacting. When running a second time there usually is a few errors that will still be found like that of Mechanic. We could argue back and forth for the rest of the year about this but it really just boils down to personal preference. This is coming from a loyal customer of PC Tools since March 2005 who still has active accounts with them.:confused:


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No offense taken

...But I must say, I do like the option of being able to add to an exclude list like you can with Mechanic. That is a nice option. When I was out looking for something else though, I wanted something for general maintenance which will guide my customers by visual experience once I've been there to help once. This is it. It saves me time on their computer. One of which is the first step within the wizard which attempts to locate any spyware malware by highlighting in red. From there you can quickly identify and kill process and then remove. I had one computer that was having issues that probably would have cost me two or more hours (considering their connection speed). And then the RAM dump is just great. I have it set to start when windows starts and cycles every 15-30 secs (I forget). With 4GB of DDR3-1066MHz will idle back down from 45% down to 32% on it's own. Lovely.:D


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Sorry, Dew, but I have to disagree with this one.
Every software instillation puts entries in the registry. Installing,many of these entries left over.

As an example, a share ware program time out after 30 days, you try to re-install it and it says trial has ended. That';s because they leave something behind in the registry to block the user from re-installing

I can almost guarantee you that if you go the the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE you will find names of programs you removed long ago.

You tell of one story about a bad recipiency with "reg cleaners"

I use Registry Mechanic on every single person' machine that I work on. PC Tools Registry has great reviews as wee.

I've been working with the registry since 1995, and that's one of the reason PC Tools hired me for tech support.

Granted, I will say that some registry cleaners on the market are junk. They remove the same things as CCleaner does to make their numbers look impressive.

Not cleaning your registry is like never cleaning out your tempoary files, temp files from IE, history,etc

That's my story & I'm sticking to it!

BTW, reghakr means registry hacker

Saturated Market

I think we ALL have valid points. All you have to do these days is turn on the tv and wait for a commercial block on a cable channel. and yes performance and maintenance programs have also become a source for malware, spyware and other unethical marketing crap.

Obviously, we seem to have our own ways and help other people out. To be honest with you guys, I cover all three points. I usually take some time to verbally and physically explain what the registry is all about, benefits and risks. Then I do my thing, the Windows Manager thing and finally my recommendations which includes PC Tools software.

Fact is, I do this for my circle of friends, family and for business including school. For those that pay attention and take my recommendations specifically Windows Managers from Yamicsoft, don't have to come back for the same issues. Actually, I create speed junkies. Now I feel better.


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Might as well throw in my tuppence.

When I install or reinstall Windows oS, whatever flavour, my first project is customisation . I then install all my software and customise it. This whole process is tedious but worth the effort. I finish up with about 28 Gbs of used space.
During the installations, I also install "Advanced System Care" and "Ccleaner". Right. Ready for action. I run the Microsoft disk cleaner, and clean all the functions on the drop menu. I then run AWC on its defaults, and Ccleaner ditto. To date I have never had a problem with this, but it may depend on your particular hardware and software installations.
That is the first and last time I use a cleaner, apart from the disk cleaner. From then on, whenever I have installed unknown software, and uninstalled it, I open the registry and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER - software and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - software, and manually delete any items which may have been left over from poor uninstalls.

Works for me.

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I open the registry and go to HKET_CURRENT_USER - software and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - software, and manually delete any items which may have been left over from poor uninstalls
Way to go RAK

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