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Hang in there! I know! You-will-get-er-done!:up:

Axel PC

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Thanks, poured me a glass of vino for this one .

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Bourbon and water for me, with just a little lemon juice!;) Think I'll have one more and hit the sack!
PS I hope you are creating back up images before doing all these things.:)

Axel PC

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I do like a good bourbon now and then.
But I lost this second round fight with Windows 10 Pro. I created an ISO of "Windows 10" as it shows in the drop down menu in the Media Creation Tool. Did my clean install, and skadosh, Back to Windows 10 Home, SMH.


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So when you did the upgrade, if you did it back before the activate all Win 7 keys, you may have inadvertently tied it to Windows 10 home. I don't know if it's possible, but you may need to call Microsoft and see if that can be changed.

Axel PC

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Yeah that might be the case. Calling the house of Gates right now. Let's see how this goes.

I hope you get someone that specks English and you can understand!!:rofl::clover::clover:

Axel PC

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Dude, I called twice and both guys were just really rude and short with me haha. I tried calling back a 3rd time and they were close.
The first guy just wanted remote access to my computer and kept insisting that's what he needed to do.
The second guy said I have to just purchase the $99 Pro upgrade.
Geez, smh. I think I'll try calling manana.

Axel PC

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Ugh, yeah English was clearly not their first language, which I don't mind. I've been in a customer service job and dealing with the public is not easy. But these guys clearly didn't care to understand what I was telling them.

Hey friend! I Know I'm way off subject here, but it's damned hard to find anyone that can do their job these days.
It's really pathetic. Most are waiting till Friday and pay day so they can get high.
This old world has gone to Hell in a hand basket:rofl:IMHO!

Axel PC

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Hey I see we curmudgeons think a like haha!

Well before we get warned!! What the Hell is a curmudgeon.
I guess this is your thread, so maybe off topic is OK!!:rofl:

Hi friend! I'm differently a curmudgeon. I got that one Book Marked and I'm going to use it a lot.:rofl:
Thanks friend! I guess we have had some fun tonight, but better get back on topic.:hide:
I just asked Cortana what a curmudgeon was. She didn't know? I'll ask her again!
Good night friend!

Axel PC

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Haha that's funny!

Axel PC

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Well I finally was able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro!
I called Microsoft back the next day. In the end after about 45 minutes on the phone with them, they had to generate a new key for me.
So I now have BitLocker installed and have all that mess cleaned up. I can finally start re-installing all my programs and download my files.
Thanks you guys for all the help, I appreciate it!

Yea! Good on you friend! I'm very happy you have worked it out. I knew you would Get-er-done!

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