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Apr 23, 2009
I connected a 300gb external usb drive to my Windows 7 system.

I enabled bitlocker on this drive and it took several hours to initialize but went fine.

I coped several files to the drive and then edited them which went fine.


I rebooted the system.

This 300gb drive shows up under disk drive management as unused space.

It does not show up otherwise.

Somewhere somehow there has to be a mounting or unlocking facility to
provide the password to be able to access the drive, but I can't find out
how to do this.

Or something is wrong.


Can someone help me please.

Steve ...
You have to use the bitlocker control panel applet in control panel. That's where you chose to encrypt a drive to begin with. In the Bitlocker control panel you can unlock your drive and begin to use as normal. But for the life of me I can't figure out how to re-lock the drive. So far the only solution is to shut down or restart the computer to relock bitlocker.
No offense Steve,

This is exactly why I never use utilities like this.

I recall drivespace in Windows 98 and it was a nightmare as well.

You'll find all the help you need by going to Start > Help and Support and type in bitlocker.
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