Bitlocker without TPM (Encryption key on SD Card instead of USB Drive)?


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I'm interested in using Bitlocker on 7 Ultimate to encrypt the entire main hard drive...but the laptop doesn't have TPM. Which as I understand it, ordinarily means that one MUST use a USB Flash Drive at every boot to supply the key.

But what I'd very much prefer instead is to use the internal SD Card to store the key. Is this possible and what steps exactly does that take please?

And by the way, the reason I'm asking is because I feel quite shaky after TrueCrypt prevented the Windows 7 Recovery Environment from functioning after a failed driver update prevented Windows from starting. Which left me the only option (to my knowledge) of unencrypting the entire drive...which took MANY hours. Unencrypting allowed me to run the Windows repair options which automatically used a restore point and got me back in when it rolled back the failed driver...but it was NOT fun. And I have no desire to repeat it if for any reason Windows fails to start normally when the drive is encrypted.

What options are possible please? And Thanks!!! :)