Bizarre Homegroup Problem

I'm having an issue with homegroups on a desktop PC. Whenever I try to create a homegroup, join a homegroup or run the homegroup troubleshooter I just get the popup box and a never ending progress bar.

For example -

1. I goto homegroup setup in control panel
2. Click join existing homegroup (a laptop on the network has set one up OK)
3. Get the password screen and enter the password
4. The joining homegroup screen comes up with the progress bar...
5. and thats just stays at that forever.

I was running the RC and getting this issue, have done an in place upgrade to the MSDN RTM version (with the version control fudge) and the issue is still present.

Does anyone have any bright ideas before I just wipe the PC and start again?



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Sounds like a fresh install might be worth doing..?

yeah I know...just wondered if anyone had any fixes/workarounds before I took the plunge.

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