Black screen after the animation

Hi everyone,

I've assembled a new computer and everything is good, but when I put my Windows 7 Ultimate disk the Windows Loading is starting then the animation, but since then the screen is completely black. I waited at least half an hour. I tried to replace the disk drive and the IDE cable, but no change. I put the disk on another computer, and it works properly and displays the screen with the blue Windows 7 background where the installation begins (and asks for the installation language), instead of that black screen. So what's the problem?

Processor: Intel E5200 2.6GHz
Motherboard: Gygabyte G41M-ES2L
Memory: G. Skill 2GB
GPU is onboard

Thanks in advance!

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If you have a PATA hard drive, do you have it set to master, or in the case of WDs as single? Do you have the DVD on the secondary IDE channel and set as Master?

You might try reseating or moving around the memory, and make sure the system is unplugged.

Thanks for your comment.
I have one SATA hard drive and one IDE DVD drive. The drive is on the primary channel and set as Master.

Regarding the memory, I will try it but but if memory is not seated properly in place the system should play 3 beeps, and it's not the case.

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I tried to reseat the memory, but it didn't help.

By the way, this morning I turned on the computer and it worked, somehow, but I forgot to connect the keyboard. I connected it and turned the pc on again, but it displayed the black screen. The problem is not the keyboard, because I tried later to disconnect it and run again but it didn't work. Incidentally, once after the animation, the installation screen flashes for a second then black screen.

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You said you video in onboard, are there any bios settings you might adjust?

What type of connection do you have to the monitor, and is the monitor new also?

Strangely it worked for me again, after about 6 hours since I turned off the computer. Formatted and everything is fine now.


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It is really strange that my system has been steady for months. This morning I booted it and got a black screen with no cursor. I did get the startup sounds, so I am assuming the video was not being sent out, even though the monitor showed a signal present.

When I check the event viewer, it had one of the nvlddmkm errors. A reboot fixed mine, but maybe something is going on. I have been changing drives around in my system, so something might have gotten corrupted along the way.

If yours continues to have problems, there may be a problem that is corrupting your install. If you have not done so already, I would set Windows Update to only do important updates so you can check the optional ones for hardware, mainly video, drivers before they are installed.

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