Blue Screen Crash

Hi everyone

My computer just crashed from this blue screen, I'm suspecting it's because of driver issues and I had tried to do a driver update for my computer but the update failed. Not sure how to solve it, help is appreciated. attached is the dump file from C:\Windows\Minidump



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I can't look at your dump file, but are you able to boot into Safe Mode? If you can, you should be able to revert the driver or even uninstall the device to get your system running.


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I am not the expert on this stuff, but the dump file appears to be pointing at a Norton driver, BHDrvx64.sys. Whether the driver is really the problem or something else causing it to be is hard for me to consider.

Other things that get my interest is you have some Bluetooth modules being unloaded multiple times. It may not be related to the problem, but if the drivers you were thinking of are involved with Bluetooth, you might look at those.

Also a RTsPStor.sys module is being unloaded which might be a Realtek PCIe card reader driver.

But most of my comments are just guesses. Hopefully someone with more insight will come along.

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