Blue Screen of Death Problems

I'm having troubles fixing a BSOD error on my laptop. Recently, it's been crashing daily and causing me to get very frustrated. I'm can't pinpoint what's causing this problem. I followed the directions and attached a .ZIP of all the dump files and a screenshot of CPU-ID. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

CPU-Z Screenshot.png View attachment Mini

Please let me know if any additional information is needed.

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Welcome, James.

Awesome man...good first post.

Your reward is the fix immediately: Uninstall ZoneAlarm.


Thanks for the quick reply TorrentG. I had some information from another support site which points to Zone Alarm, but I didn't want to post it because I wanted to get a another independent result. This being Zone Alarm's fault worries me as I find their security suite to be very secure and also I already purchased a 1 year licence. The other support site recommends Microsoft Security Essentials, but I'm not entirely sure how secure and efficient that software is partly because it's "free". Do you recommend any replacements for Zone Alarm or does Zone Alarm have a patch for this problem?

MSE is the best of the best there is.

ZA does not have any problems whatsoever. It is user configuration on machines/network/environment which causes problems. I too use ZA for 10 years now and never have had a bsod from it. I have seen thousands on other machines though. It usually is related to NetBIOS configurations, but not always.

You're welcome.

Personaly I Have heard of the name but haven't seen or used it, Out of everyone I Know (Freinds, Family and Lan parties) No one uses it, I asked one day and was told not to use it because of problems, But wasn't told what sort, After reading things like this I wouldn't touch it. Mustn't have a big share or maketing out there.

MSE 2.0 (The new updated Version of MSE) is very good, AVG 2011, Avast, Trend micro, Eset and Kapersky are all good,

Stay away from Norton, Avira, Macafee and all others like them, mainly they are bloated, make computers slow, causes problems. and have higher false positives

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