Blue Screen of DEATH!!!

no more blue screen crashes but i think i may have found the source of the problem i think it was nvidia forceware network access manager because i was also noticing high cpu usage while using certian programs so i just uninstalled it and the high cpu usage was no more.

thanks for all the help
well Im glad you have hopefully found the solution :cool:


New Member
your going to lol this but it turned out to be my 10% overclock. when i was recomended to turn down my overclock i turned it down to the 5% overclock setting all the while i was messing around with the drivers and keeping an eye on my processes my pc was fine well after my last post i decided to put the clocks back up and sure enough a couple of hours in BSOD i instantly figured it was the overclock it didnt like so i lowered it back to the 5% setting and all has been smooth again. well atleast i my pc is running smooth now and also sorted a few other underlying issues

thanks again and overclocking can be a messy business!

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