Bluetooth Headset Cannot be found on my Windows 7 PC

Hi, I'm new to the forums so please don't lose it on me okay?
Anyway, i got this new windows 7 computer (Emachines E528) From a relative of mine.
It's Windows 7 Home Premium.
And I wanted to start off, with making a youtube video, but the bulit in mic on this pc is so terrible i couldn't bare to use it, so I decided to use my bluetooth headset (Emerson em299) But for some reason, I can plug the USB into the pc and make the Bluetooth discoverable, but it still can't be found on the search for devices bar.
(Bluetooth Setting is starting what's the deal...?
(The Emerson headset works with my other devices such as Ipod, and Ps3)
Please Help


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When you say plug the Bluetooth in, I assume you are referring to a Bluetooth dongle for which you have to add the drivers? Since you obviously know how to set up Bluetooth, does it appear to be installed correctly and on the Emachine?

Do you have the Dongle in a front USB port or fairly close to the headset for testing?

You normally add Bluetooth devices through the icon in the hidden icons area, so if you start that utility looking and the headset set as discoverable, it still can't find it?

Do you have one of the other devices you use the headset on in the local area?

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