bmp image generator

i am looking for a software that can convert a image to a bitmap which i can draw on graphics display, i want to use it to display images and fonts.
I tried a software called GLCD font creator but it generates very strange bitmap files , i still use it for manually creating fonts of small size say 5x8 pixels. but i need to do this for larger images like 320x240.


noone ?


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With Paint you can convert any image (.jpg, .png,.tiff) to .bmp.

You can try icofx2. It can convert any image format to bitamp also with transparency and many other like .ico, .icns, .cur etc.


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I tend to use Paint.NET, it has a lot of qualities, plus a tremendous support community, with lots of extras, filters and so on. You don't get the feeling "why couldn't I get further" - it's been called the free version of Photoshop. Very extensive.

Another more simple one is IrfanView.

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