Boost by Reason Software

I have installed and use Boost. I am wondering if it actually has a viable (positive) impact on my machine that will enhance my gaming experience. If someone knows or has a better solution/program, please mention it. Thanks/


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A good way to test the software, which I don't know, is to run 3DMark with Boost on / off.

Generally the best way to boost is via hardware upgrade. From we get:

The Boost virus (also found as Boost by Reason virus, Reason Software Company Inc; though not technically a computer virus) is potential malware categorized as scareware that is promoted as a Microsoft Windows cleaner and optimizer; however, Boost is essentially a non-beneficial Windows Optimizer that utilizes very unethical marketing practices in order to generate customers.

Not saying anything here. But cheap thrills quite often turn out to be expensive. Best of all to You.


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I'd run PCMark 8 with/without Boost enabled. 3DMark only check's gaming performance/grapjics. PCMark check's everything. Also, scan any files you download @ . It run's the file through 53 or 54 differenr antivirus programs. If it fail's any, don't use it, remove it.

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