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  1. I had two operating systems on my drive in separate partitions, and I tried to install third one, win98. Installation wasn't successful and I formated partition with unfinished win98 installation. However, it somehow screwed up my boot files, and though it was gone, I still was getting win98 startup screen, but I couldn't choose to start WinXp or WinVista. I managed to reinstall xp boot file, and now WinXp starts without problem, but I can't start WinVista. Its like there were no WinVista. Can anyone tell me how to bring back WinVista loader, so that when I start my computer I can choose whenever to start WinXp or WinVista??
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    First off why would you want to use Win 98.....It's really up to you but personally I hate win 98 with a passion and I will never use that os again....I perfer XP and Vista.....

    As for your problem I'm not quite sure why Vista is not booting up...try to reinstall Vista.....

    Jordan J-P
  3. Hi

    I never liked 98 either, but I had to install it. Anyway, I wan't my Vista back, but I don't want to reinstall it, cause its complicated. I think there is a way to fix it, but I don't know how, and I hope soon to find out.
  4. Well, I figured it out myself. If anyone else having such problem, install Neo Technologies EasyBCD.

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