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    I have an Acer Aspire. I am wanting to restore it to factory defaults. I have been told to press alt f10 at the Acer start screen to load up the restore wizard. These keys do not work however.

    I have used MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition to see if the restore partition is there, and it is.

    My question is: Can I create a boot disk to load this partition at boot up, or can i access it another way to restore my system to factory defaults?

    thank you
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    Normally, with an uncustomised Acer, you have a default program installed?

    Have you tried, or looked for:

    Start - All programs - run - Acer
    Empowering Technology - Acer eRecovery Management :
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    If it says to use that key, then it should work, assuming you are looking at your correct model. Some units are set up to use the F keys different ways, you may need to use a function key with the F key or not, or you may not be tapping it soon or early enough. I suppose the "alt F10" means to hold down alt and tap F10.....

    To test, can you get into the F8 screen for recovery options? If you are just trying to repair a boot situation, you may not need a complete system recovery.

    Do you have a model number to the computer so we can check?
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    For Acer it's hold down the Alt key and tap the F10 key repeatedly during boot.

    It's been my experience that you sometimes have to do this several times before you hit it at just the right time to get it to work.

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