Boot screen: ever increasing options

I don't know whether this is the right place to ask this question but here goes:

I've installed Windows 7 Ultimate on a notebook which previously ran Vista. No problems there .....

I've now installed Ubuntu (now updated to 10.04) so that it can boot to either OS. It all works fine and when I first power up, I get a screen which invites me to select the OS I want to use. There are however two problems:

1) it defaults to Ubuntu (whereas I would prefer it to default to Windows 7), and
2) the list of choices is getting increasingly complex with an expanding list of choices (with each major update of Ubuntu adding more); it even seems to include an option to go back to Vista!

As long as I move down the list and make the right selection quite speedily, I get to where I want to be (though, as I say, I would like to change the default option).

Is there any way I can edit/shorten this list without damaging the functionality and how can I change that default?

Any suggestions/help would be very much appreciated.

Speedy reply, thanks .... there's a bit of reading to be done there and a steep learning curve, but I'll certainly give it a go. Thanks


Noob Whisperer
Yes, and unfortunately I don't speak nix. But there is some excellent folks that hang out in our Linux sub who may be willing to help with some specific questions Linux
you may want to post anything specific over there and see what they may be able to contribute. But the tutorial links that I provided seemed to be very comprehensive (complete with some examples) so if you're willing to take the time you can probably do it on your own. I would highly suggest however; that before you attempt any editing of the boot loader files, that you do a complete system image with the software of your choice so you know you have a strong fall back point and can proceed with some confidence.

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