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    i am trying to boot the Win 7 with ghost image made on identical computer. When i was making the image, i have seen that there is hidden (2GB if i remember well) system partition, so i made recovery point of that hidden partition (i didnt know for what it is) and C.

    I am not backing up any data, would just like to restore the system on other computer. Anyways, when I do boot from Ghost, this SYSTEM partition is being declared by ghost as : invalid.
    So it cant be restored, but only C. I did the restore of C: and it finished apparentely without problems, but now i see nothing has happened.

    I am using Ghost 15

    What am i missing please help!

    And also, can someone tell me for what exactly is this hidden partition, i would appreciate it.

    ALl advices, links and explanations very welcomed!
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    The small 200MB partition actually holds Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE), which only available from DVD installation disc in previous operating system such as Windows Vista (see how to launch WinRE on DVD). The partition holds system files and bootable files that are essential to boot the Windows 7 properly in the event of the need to recover the OS in the event of corruption. The 200MB partition is pretty much similar to many recovery partition that been made on factory installation by most OEMs on the computer they sold.

    If you use Norton Ghost and want to put your Vista/Window XP back as you OS, be careful, you may not be able to recover your OS because of that hidden partition.
    With the 200mb hidden partition attached. The partition size does not match if you go straight to Norton system recovery.

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