Windows 7 bootmgr missing


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Jun 1, 2009
ok so here is how my pc was set
3Xsata hdd(storage)
1Xide hdd(os)
so i had vista installed on my ide hdd and decided to install windows 7 on one of my sata hdd ( 75gig raptor 10 000rpm)
everything whent ok i installed all my drivers, avira,nero8 , winrar etc etc. then i did my updates 1st was ok 2nd too and it asked me to reboot . ( note that i rebooted after each driver and apps installed) then i come back in my office to see how its going and bam i get pleas insert porpoer boot device so i think and i take ou my ide hdd that had vista on it and reboot and bam bootmgr missing etc etc. any idea on whats could have caused it and what to doo
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