Brahma Wheel Lock

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    I'm shopping for a wheel lock to secure my vehicle with. The best I've found is the Brahma Lock:

    But the cheapest that I've found it is ~$250 shipped, which is somewhat more than I want to pay. That doesn't mean that I won't pay the price, but before doing so, I wanted see if anyone either knows of a better lock or a better price for this one?
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    I see it has been a long time since a post here, but I just bought bought two of these locks and love them. After researching about 20 locks on the internet, I finally ordered the small Brahma for my tent trailer. I was so impressed with it that I bought the large one for my dump trailer. Now, I see this post, so I thought I would respond with where I got mine. I bought mine on ebay for $279 plus shipping.

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