Bring back the F8 Advanced Startup Menu


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This tutorial shows you how to enable the old "press F8 to get the Advanced Start Menu" to be able to get to safe mode.

  • Open an elevated command prompt (Press [Windows key] type "cmd", right click Command Prompt and select "Run as Administrator")
  • Type bcdedit /enum to display your boot entries
  • Look at the Windows Boot Loader entry identifer (1) and make note of it
  • You will also notice the bootmenupolicy is set to Standard (2)
  • bootmenu1.png

  • You need to change it to Legacy with the follow command. Change (3) to match your identifer if it is different
  • bootmenu2.png

  • Reboot and you should now be able to the Advanced Startup Menu by pressing F8


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I've used this trick before, great thing to know :)