Brother Control Centre - BrCtrlCntr.exe


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I down loaded some pdf software and it wont allow to install I comes blocked with this BrCtrlCntr.exe
Any help please


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Chances are, you have a Brother printer or scanner. What is blocking this program from being run? Also, what is the name of the PDF software?

Best - Michael


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I am having the same problem when I try to install Nitro PDF. Apparently the Brother printer software is interfering with the PDF software installation. Can anyone help me solve the problem.


Have you tried temporarily disabling the Brother Control Center to let the installation pass? You should be able to kill the process or quit from the icon in your Task Tray.


Of course. You can temporarily disable it by opening Task Manager (ctrl + shift + esc or ctrl + alt + del -> Task Manager), finding "BrCtrlCntr.exe", clicking it, and pressing "End Task". After doing this, you should be able to install your software without interference.

If that doesn't work, there might still be a 2nd process running in the Task Tray. Open that by clicking the little arrow next to the battery symbol on the lower right corner of the screen. Then, look for a Brother Control Center icon, right-click it, and press "quit" or "exit".

Hope this fixes your problem!


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WELL DONE riserbro !!!!! i have had some weeks trying to download Nitro and found your 2nd process running comment and BINGO !!! i got a full house. Despite the brains of hundreds of other 'experts' trying to assist.

Many thanks for your forum post, i see its an old one but goes a long way to recovering my liking for forums

Tony Hall