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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by HitAndRun, Oct 26, 2014.

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    Hi I have a problem im in Poland connected to polish internet provider and when I open web page of some sort it comes all right in English and everything as soon as I click something in that webpage it strait come to polish language how to change it for example I go to this site everything comes in English and as soon as I press different tab it redirects me and comes up in Polish I need it to be in English because I don't understand Polish Thanks for help ! Untitledss. exaple1.
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    That's a difficulty. I'm Finnish, and I get various pages and stuff in English, others in Finnish, my installation language is English, but my main language is, by default, Finnish, since I live here, and bought my Windows from Microsoft Finland.

    I'm not sure about your browser, or its settings, you may affect it there. Generally, you can choose your settings in Windows via Control Panel / Region and Language /

    or through the Language Bar on your Taskbar, by left clicking it, and opening it.

    The main thing could be, in which language you install your OS. There are tons of languages, and it's not always so easy to decide how to choose the main or the first or whatever.

    Hope you get it running.

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