Windows 7 Browsers keep auto dragging themselves into my main monitor screen. (three monitor set up)


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Jan 20, 2013
I have a three monitor set up. Whenever I open up a browser, either internet explorer or google chrome on monitors 2 and 3, after a few seconds it automatically drags my browser into my main monitor(monitor 1, where my start button and status bar is located) Maybe I didn't search correctly on here but I could not come up with anything regarding this issue. Please help!
Are you using any 3rd party software to extend your displays? Are all 3 monitors showing up in screen resolution window and are they all 3 being detected? How and where are all 3 monitors being connected?
Yes all three monitors pop up on the screen resolutions window in my control panel. Monitor 2 and 1 are connected to my video card and monitor 3 is on stock slot that came with the tower. All three monitors are detected in the following order from left to right. 2(main monitor) 3 middle and 1 right. Reason their setup like that is because I'm able to drag my windows across each monitor from left to right and right to left. I had upgraded from vista couple weeks ago and never had this problem. Transferred a couple programs and personal files from vista but nothing related to displays or monitors. I left a lot behind so it's a fresh start for my pc. It's just plain weird!! Thanks for replying and trying to help..
What type GPU are you using? Was this and upgrade from Vista to 7 or did you do a clean install? A lot of times there are issues of a various kinds, it's the nature of the upgrade. With a clean install very, very rarely do you see any issues.

Did you install the latest driver for your GPU after the upgrade from vendors website? The monitor connected to your mobo, is that monitor 1?

My thinking is that if monitor 1 is infact connected to the mobo, it's overriding the 2 monitors connected to the GPU and resetting itself as the default monitor. This might be by design. Is there software for the GPU to set either monitors 2 or 3 as default monitor.
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