BSOD after Windows7 update


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When you say it will crash by that do you mean bsod? If you have any new dump files then please send them in. Another thing to try is open the advanced options via the power options and under sleep make sure 'Allow Hybrid sleep' is set to on or yes.


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Rarely the bsod. It doesn't wake from sleep. Pressing the power button brings it to a screen offering safe mode or a normal Windows start-up (so anything I'd left open has been closed or lost). I'm not aware of any more dump files I can give you.
I've put 'allow hybrid sleep' on. Presumably I also need to change from never allowing it to sleep and set a time. I'll set it to a fairly short time for now to see what happens.


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It worked! That is, it went to sleep and woke correctly. I wonder why and what is different about hybrid sleep.
I'll leave it this way for a while and see whether it works consistently.