BSoD appeared again - RAM Problem?

I posted a thread last week due to permanent BSoDs, but as a non-technican I decided to solve the problem with re-installing my whole system. This should clean all driver problems and so on.
Well, it was done - but the BSoD came again today, but with another message. I've done the steps to collect the informations, see the attached file.

But first of all my assumption, maybe it can be the reason, but I don't know:

Inside my PC there are 4 Places on the mainboard for the DDR-RAM. It was configured by my retailer, a specialist(?) - I am not, so I avoid to build the PC my own.
The PC was delivered with 2x 4GB DDR3 RAM - placed in the Slots 1 + 3 (black).

During the time of anger with the BSoDs I read the Manual describing my motherboard.
They recommend for my configuration (2 Modules) to place it in A2 + B2. These are the blue ones and they were not used in the, instead A1+B1.

Could this be the reason for the BSoD? Otherwise - please check the details I've attached, maybe you are able to see anything wrong.
Tnx for your support.ä



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Usual causes:
Device driver, Breakpoint set with no debugger attached, Hardware (Memory in particular).

Your latest dump file lists Memory_Corruption as the probable cause which usually indicates out of date Drivers, incorrectly configured Memory Timings, mismatched Memory or Bad Memory.
Old and incompatible drivers can and do cause issues with Windows 7, often giving false error codes. Random stop codes can often indicate hardware issues.

As a Priority:

Can you fill in your system specs under your user profile? See for help if needed.
At a minimum we need to know your MoBo details.

There are a few drivers that could do with updating but that isn't the priority at the moment.

(This post also bumps your thread :D).


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In addition to Please filling out your system specs on your profile page;
You may want to also consider updating to the current BIOS offering for your board from here ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS P8P67
There are two more recent than the one you are currently running.

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