Windows 10 BSOD: Critical_Process_Died: ntoskrnl.exe


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For the past weeks I have been trying to figure out a way to combat the BSOD problems that I am having. I suspect that my hard drive is dying but I cannot confirm that. Currently my Hard Drive or Optical Drive Makes a loud “click” sound before my computer freezes and throws up the BSOD.

Using the Crystal utility tool, the only thing that is in caution is the relocated sector count. Which has remained at eight for a few months.

Most of the time the BSOD shows Critical_Process_Died, sometimes its shows Unexpected_Store_Exception. For the latter error message, there doesn't seem to have created a dump? I used bluescreenviewer to see what is the reason.

Steps Previously Taken

-Dusted the inside of the computer.
-Reseat most components (RAM, Hard drive wires, tighten screws, all power wire)
-Replaced sata wire for my hard drive.
-Reset the PC.(Keeping Personal Files)
-Ran Malwarebytes. (no Problems)
-Ran Windows Defenders full scan (No problems)
-updated computer

Steps I have recently taken:

-Run: sfc /scannow
-Run chkdsk.
-Run Windows Defender quick scan (No confidence in computer not crashing while doing the full scan)

Sorry for my poor English.

Thank you in advance for any help,

Last session was 7:35mins between login and BSOD.

Planned Steps

Cry for help

DBAN the computer

Reinstall Windows 10

Sell the computer for parts and buy a new one if nothing works.


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You also have a lot of SCM errors regarding networking services. As a test remove any end point protection software such as malware bytes. I would also put into safe mode and see if the issue persists.


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Hello, Sorry for the late reply, yesterday the computer decided to not even be able to get to the windows login screen even with Safe mode on before BSOD. I tried to repair using a windows 10 installation media and there was an error. After that I restarted the computer to try to do a reinstall, it was ok for a little bit before there was a orange and white strip screen. I looked online and someone mention that it was most likely due to bitlocker(?) although I had never set one up before. After giving up hope, I decided to restart the computer. The computer decided to work. So far, no BSOD and no other problems.

I would like to mention the results of "Victoria," I didn't see any error when I ran the "test and repair" I don't really understand what the results mean. all of the results are the different shades of gray and some green.

In addition to that, the horrible knocking sounds have stopped, the computer seems pretty quiet so far.

Now that you have mentioned the networking my internet had been extremely slow and seems to not what to connect to by wire to my modem.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening again?


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Update: I have replaced the hard drive, with a SSD and a brand new HDD, the new HHD immediately soon began to die. I have sent to get a replacement. I suspect it is a hardware issue. as after the reinstall, it still had the same issue. I am also getting a new PSU (both as a upgrade, and to take it out of the equitation.)