BSOD critical process died


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Dear all,
Thank you for reading this. Recently I've been getting a lot of BSOD's. To be more specific the "critical_process_died" one stuck at 0% so no dump file.
I did my fair amount of searching on the internet and i tried just about everything and still can't seem to fix the problem.
I have 2 hard drives on my laptop, an HDD one which i use purely to store stuff and an SSD one on which I have windows installed.

So here what i tried so far:
1- I made sure all drivers on my laptop are up to date.
2- I scanned my laptop multiple times but no virusess, no malware no anything, I have did a clean install of the OS and still getting the BSOD.
3- I ran both sfc commands and the DISM ones as well.
4- i ran the components test using the hp hardware diagnosis, the extensive one that tests all the components and everything passed (i would like to note that when i try to run the hard drive DST check individually on my SSD drive it says NOT AVAILABLE).

The thing is this's not the only problem I have, sometimes when i turn on my laptop it turns off then on again. Other times i get the
"boot device not found" and i have to restart my laptop several times to get pass this message. And other times the screen stays black for a lil bit longer than usual with the caps button blinking before i get the startup Omen logo on my screen.

What I noticed as well is that after a gaming session or during one the BSOD's frequency becomes intense, like i get one i restart and right after windows is up the screen freezes and i get another BSOD.
And after like an hour or so, i stop getting them.
I get the BSOD even when my laptop is not connected to any device, even the AC adapter.

Please help me solve this problem.
Thank you.

Laptop: HP Omen 15-Ax012nf
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit).


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I'm really sorry for not using the tool that collects info, please keep this thread up i use the tool on my laptop as soon as I get to home from work.
Thank you very much.