BSOD Boot Loop caused by *driver power state failure* Help Is Greatly Needed and Appreciated!!

Computer: Acer Aspire Ultrabook M5 - 581T(G) model No. Q5LJ1 ; i-5 Core processor 1.8ghz ; 6 gb of Ram ; 500 gb hdd ; OS Windows 8.1 (Feel free to request any info in the comment box cause I'm not too sure what else to post)

Occurrence: Monday 11/12/13 in the evening after an installation of a program (unsure as to which program) had requested a system restart.

Details: When the computer finally shutdown the start-up screen followed ; which is simply the acer logo and a buffering wheel ; the computer does not boot up past this useless logo page, it sits here for a good 20 minutes before it goes into the Blue Screen of Death which reads:

Your Laptop has encountered problems and needs to restart, we are just grabbing some error info and you can restart when finished (0% Complete)
If you'd like to know more you can search online later for this error: Driver Power State Failure

It sits in this screen indefinitely and will not respond to any known windows commands, the (0% Complete) never gets past 0. Also I have tried all the forum recommended hotkeys for the initial ACER Boot screen and nothing works, and I dont have a Genuine Windows Installation disk to BOOT from because the laptop came with it when I bought it from my friend last month.

I sincerely appreciate all consideration and genuine help that I receive from this community, you guys are great!!! Now please assist me with fixing my laptop

Please see the following thread so that you can supply information needed in troubleshooting BSODs:
I Truly don't mean to go against the forum rules by not posting the diagnostic file but i'm not sure you understand the nature of my problem, I cant boot my laptop, I can't enter safe mode, I can't enter the backdoor of the Bios Settings, no command prompt, No f8 startup options and idea what to do. When I hit the power it boots an acer logo screen sits there for 20 minutes and than switches to the Blue Screen of Death which I let sit for 6 hours to collect data and restart but the 0% complete status never goes past 0%. Is there any suggestions on how to force feed my laptop the diagnostic utility? Or even a factory reset would be ok cause I have back-ups but I can't figure out what to do and every IT guy I talk too demands payment before proceeding. Please Help!!!


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Do you have any way of slaving it's hard drive to another computer to get the .dmp file? If we at least had it we could attempt to help, but if you can't even login to windows there's not too much we can do without you having advanced diagnostic tools like MS DaRT to boot and mount your registry offline. I suppose the best we could do is if the dmp file points to a certain driver, we could disable it by renaming the drivers .sys file temporarily while you had it hooked up to another machine as a slave. But again this requires access to the dmp files to see what's going on.

Thank you so much Josephur this at least gives me somewhere to start. I will research MS DaRT and how to mount the computer registry offline; As well as how-to mount the inoperable laptop to another computer, I'm assuming a twin male USB 2.0 chord would be ideal for the connection? I'd prefer to use an ethernet chord if possible because I don't own the Comp-Comp USB chord, would an ethernet chord be sufficient? Thank you a ton for your help!!


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By slaving the hard drive I meant through a hard drive to USB adaptor etc, since your windows will not boot. Unless you have a bootable OS (even Ubuntu Linux would work) to copy the DMP files located in the Windows\Minidump folder, this way we can analyze them and perhaps find a solution.

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