BSOD (maybe due to low ram?)

Thanks again for all the advice.

I have cleaned up my fans, PSU and the dust filters with a brush for now. Managed to get most of the dirt away (I realized that I haven't cleaned my computer in ages =_= ). I will try out the thermal paste and the other stuff once I managed to buy them.

Regarding the CPU cooler:
Do I replace it with the exact same model? Or is there a better model I can get? Any recommendations? (80 AUD is ok for me. I am looking for something below 120 to 130 USD if possible.)

Regarding the Memtest:
I finished Memtest for one stick. It finished 7 tests without a problem. (I think this is the only good news so far, haha). Total run time is 4 hours 50 minutes. Gonna post the results of the next stick tomorrow.

Regarding the CPU:
I was thinking of at least replace the CPU Cooler first. If I have to replace the CPU Cooler, Ram and also the CPU, I don't know whether is it better off for me to replace the entire com. But I think I will try with replacing cooler and RAM (If the RAM has issues) first.

Also, I will try to get another HWInfo high load for 30 minutes tomorrow. Maybe all that dust clearing can give me some better results.

At the very least I believe the cooler needs to be swapped for something better. It's also the cheapest option (unless you have manufacturer warranty on the CPU still). After that, replace the CPU.

As for recommendations, I'm not sure. I personally have used this or newer variations with great success, but the thing is a monster and a good bit larger than your stock cooler. It will not fit in a thin PC chassis. Check dimensions to confirm.

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You can replace the CPU cooler with any you want (the one suggested by Vir is a good suggestion, although you want to be sure it'll fit in your case. Assuming you'll upgrade your build soon (it looks pretty outdated by today's standards), - sound-optimised premium components "Designed in Austria"! is a nice low profile cooler that I've used before - makes almost no noise at all and will fit in any case of yours.

Ok I did the mem test for the second stick. No errors after 7 tests again. Run time was about 4 hours plus. I have no idea why.

Also, I was trying the other memory slots with the memory sticks. When I plug into the 2nd and 4th one, the com couldn't start. When I plug into the 1st and 3rd one, I could start the com. Before I came to here for advice, my memory sticks have always been in the 1st and 3rd slots.

I did another high load test after cleaning. It still seems pretty hot with the CPU. I attached the older high load test that I did with gaming as well. EDIT: Both of these high load tests were doing by playing the same game.

I also attached the previous Prime95 test with the HWInfo. This was done before all the cleaning. It ran for about 2 hours plus I believed.

View attachment High load after cleaning and prime

Thanks for all the suggestions regarding the CPU Cooler. I will check my CPU Cooler dimensions again and see whether it will fit. In the meanwhile, I will try and ask over at the Hardware forum section and see whether they can offer any additional advice.

Thanks again for all the help so far.


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System won't run without a stick inside the first RAM slot. The ram kinda has to be in order. While it may appear physically you're placing RAM into 1st and 3rd slot, to the system it's actually 1st and 2nd.

Those temps are quite hot still, even though I can't trust the individual CPU core temps (they're popping up zeroes frequently). I'd like to know what the Aux temp is, since that's growing up into 90C temps.

Have you confirmed that your case fans are working and are actually pulling external air in and internal air out? If it isn't at the very least pushing the inside air out, then the inside will turn into a veritable oven. I don't think this is the case personally, since your GPU would be scorching as well but it's showing up very nice temperatures (40C range), but it's still worth a look.

We'll see what comes about from the CPU cooler replacement, in the meantime, I'd strongly advise against further CPU testing and any high load activity. If by God's mercy the CPU isn't already been cooked by your temps, then doing heavy activity with it isn't going to help.

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