BSOD on *slightest* network activity after graphics card upgrade.

Jack Hicks

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Hey guys,

After upgrading my graphics card (to an ATI Radeon HD6850, see CPU-Z report), I found that my computer would BSOD right after the Welcome screen, before the desktop is shown. My initial thoughts were to enter safe mode, which I did and it booted fine. I then booted into Safe Mode with networking, which again worked. Until I attempted to use the network (launched a browser) at which point it BSOD'd again. By disabling my wireless PCI card when in safe mode, I was able to boot in normal mode and get to a desktop.

I have discovered that everything works brilliantly, until I try to access the network in any way. I thought maybe the PSU wasn't up the the task of the new graphics card, and the network adaptor was tipping the scales, so I stressed the machine heavily by running a bunch of music VST plugins, while running LA Noire (the only Steam game that would work in ofline mode) on full graphics. All of this worked and kept working for half an hour with no ill effect. I then closed all of that, and tried to access the network again, at which point it BSODs as before.

I thought maybe it was my DWL-G510 PCI WLAN card, so I tried with two other wireless dongles, both created the same BSOD. I also tried a LAN connection with a switch to my laptop.

To clarify, when I connect the PC to a network via eternet, it BSODs immediately. When I use a wireless card, I can select a wifi network, connect to it, and then as soon as I use it (launch a browser, for example) it BSODs.

Hopefully I explained it well enough! Find my minidumps relating to this attached, along with the ful report from CPU-Z!

Thanks in advance for your help!



Jack Hicks

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Quick update: On further tests, it seems that both wifi and ethernet connections are actually the same - if I connect, I get maybe 2-3 seconds before it crashes. So that's 2-3 seconds after an ethernet cable (internet access or not), or a wifi connection is established.


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