BSOD or "a problem caused the program to close"

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)' started by Martin Dietz, Jan 22, 2012.

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    Jan 22, 2012
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    Hello everybody , I really hope someone can help me couse this new pc is helll expensive.

    ok first a bit about my problem.

    When I play games , my game will crash after a while from 5min to 2hours.
    in Battlefied 3 I get BSOD screen but in league of legends and Starcraft 2 the game will close and say "a problem caused the program to close" etc.

    I have format c: my computer two times now , on two different SDD`s both are doing it.
    This night I ran a MEMTEST86 on all four block it found 1 error .
    After that I took each block for a test 1 by 1 zero error`s

    Im pretty sure im uptodate with every single driver in my computer since I have bin using maybe 40 hours allready to make the computer run as it should.

    I have allso tryed to disable my onboard soundcard (realtek) and played Battlefied3 for 2 hours after a crash.

    CPU: Intel core i7-2700 3.50 ghz
    MB: P8z68-vPRO/GEN3
    SSD: Samsung 830 series 256gb
    RAM: 12 gb ddr3 crosair CL8 4x4gb
    GFC: ASUS GTX590 (useing new nvidia driver)
    OS: WIN 7x64 (full updated service pack 1 etc)

    I get different set up dumps.
    I uploaded my dump files and whould love you if you whould take a look on em

    Cheers out there.
    Martin Dietz.

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    Hi Martin, If you are still having issues, can you:

    Please see: How to ask for help with a BSOD problem Following Method 2:
    and run the SF Diagnostics Tool. Right click the SF Diag tool and select Run as Administrator before running. When the reports have been created, zip them up and attach to a post.

    Download and run CPU-Z. Take screenshots**/snips of the CPU tab, Mainboard tab, Memory tab and all the slot #'s under the SPD tab.
    Go to Post Reply, click on the Go Advanced button and attach the screenshots**/snips to your post for all the RAM experts to see by using the paper clip you will find on the top toolbar. Do not zip them up.
    If screenshots, please crop.

    Also see:

    When attaching dmp files, PLEASE put them in a single zipped folder

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