BSOD over and over...I think I'm done

Hi I suggeusted to ask for help here after post on forums and could not find solution.
I don't know what to do...I joined all the files is link to another forum where i ask for help and its work for 3-4 days and then its come back...
BSOD over and over... - Tech Support Forum
thanks for help :]



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Looks like you may have a driver or memory issue.
Could you please attach the other SPD tab slot information from the other populated slot from CPUz, so we can have a look, as well as the RAMMon information referenced here
And in the mean time update the following two drivers
netr28.sys 2/25/2009
atikmdag.sys 4/24/2009

I can't find in google how to update this files...:(


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First of all when ever you want to upload an attachment to this site, when you click the reply button, you should then choose the "Go Advanced" button and use the "Paper Clip" icon to upload that attachment. There are certain files which are not permitted as a raw upload and in those instances you need to compress them so they have a .zip extension instead of their normal file extension. Put everything into a new folder on your desktop, right click the folder and choose send to Compressed (Zipped) folder, then attach that folder which contains the file(s) you wish to attach.
Second update those two drivers I suggested in my original post
Ralink corp. | Support & Downloads
And if Blue Screens persist, grab one or two of the most recent ones, put them in a new folder on your desktop, zip up that folder and attach the new latest dump files.

Hi again....I'm sory but I can't find the specific drivers that i need in this sites...can u help me please?

its happend again twice first time blue screen and second time its just stuck.




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Usual causes:
Device driver

Your latest dump file lists eamonm.sys as the probable cause. This is an ESET Anti-virus driver.

As a Priority:

Uninstall ESET through the programs uninstaller and then use the ESET Uninstaller to clear any remnants. Download Microsoft Security Essentials as its replacement. Make sure Windows firewall is enabled.

Outdated Drivers. Update:

netr28.sys Thu Feb 26 02:56:57 2009 Ralink WiFi Adapter Driver Alternative Download

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now its stuck and then i ear some voice from the cp
and other way its stuck and the screen get confused like smush with the colors

I update the netr28.sys
now its :
netr28 Ralink 802.11n Extensi Kernel 04/19/2011 06:30:47


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