BSOD/Post load System Hang/ Explorer Crash

Hey, New here, had this problem for quite a while (been using win7 for over a year with this hardware setup.)

Well so basically, a few weeks after a fresh install (reformat every 3-4 months usually just a personal preference), it starts to hang after logging in. It happens anywhere from 10-45 seconds after entering my password. I don't have much of anything on start-up because I prefer to have it start-up and choose which programs I want to run when..well you get the picture, anyways. So it hangs occasionally, not every time, I would say probably 30-40% of the time. Well recently it crashed, gave me the BSOD. I have the crash dump file I'll attach here. From what it looks like to me, it has something partially to do with my processor. Maybe my chipset, i'm not sure, which is why I'm posting here. I feel like both these problems are related. I'll also include the events the day of it BSOD. If you need more information let me know.

System Information:
Asus m4n98td EVO mobo
AMD Phenom II 955be (not overclocked)
8gb ram Corsair XMS3 1333mhz dual channel
Asus nVidia ENGTX 560ti 1gb OC edition
Western Digital Blue 320gb hdd
Western Digital Green 500gb hdd

Now, tbh, I'm just plain puzzled at this point, it never BSOD before, I did lose power the other day, but I ran all the hdd, ram, cpu, vga integrity tests i have and they all ran through fine. Its about time for a reformat, but I would like to see if I can solve this problem. View attachment dump and event

Thanks for looking, I appreciate you taking your time out to try and help.

just read this, sorry, heres the information requested in that.

View attachment Lloyd Rig- 7

Antivirus is Avast! Free
I have MalwareBytes Free as well, which I dont have the firwall set up. I have my Gmail Notifier, Auto Hotkey, Avast!, Logitech Keyboard/Mouse settings ( for my logitech g700 but not a logitech keyboard.

bump -just reformatted and it BSOD again.

Bugcheck error 0x00000050

any help would be greatly appreciated

View attachment

Again thismorning, same bugcheck error code 0x00000050

According to Western Digitals Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Harddrives, the SMART checks out fine, which I figured, because I have a SMART monitor in my BIOS, and the RAM passed windows MEMTEST, I'm gonna try MemTest86 see if it comes up with a second opinion...


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Hi Brandon, apologies your post hasn't received attention until now. Windows memory test just isn't good enough and as you've stated use memtest. Your error code is this:

The PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA bug check has a value of 0x00000050. This indicates that invalid system memory has been referenced.

When you run memtest test only one stick at a time so if one errors out you know which one it is.. Please run for 7/8 passes.

Also your bios needs updating to the latest version:[/URL]

You also need to install SP1 either by the WU or standalone version.

You really need to update your drivers too and not just the graphics, audio, chipset and network too.

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okay, i'm running the test now, sevenforums told me to try it with all 4 first then 1, they replied first, thats doesnt matter though, because I was already planning on that, as for the drivers, I downloaded all the drivers on the asus website, Updated my bios last night after I posted that, but as for the audio/chipset/network, the Chipset/network driver for 980a SLI chipset keeps telling me that im trying to use a 32bit driver on a 64bit system, then when it loads the driver, says im running a 64bit driver on a 32bit system or something like that, Im in the middle of memtest now so I cant get the exact error, but its kinda wierd. Windows update keeps running into errors trying to install, so i'm guessing that it has something to do with my ram issue, I'll work on that later. Anyways back to the test:

I'm stuck on pass1 with all 4 sticks, 57% through pass 1, 62% on test 9 (random number sequence), it hasn't moved from these %'s for about 10 minutes, its at 1200000 errors and counting....Should I stop it, and proceed with the single stick tests? or just let it keep going and see if it moves on.

okay well the test froze somewhere around 1600000 errors, still at the same percentage. Took the initiative and killed the test to start testing each individual stick.

The first test with all 4, by test 3 had 4000 errors already, im on test 8 now, with no errors. i'll let this pass 5-6 times if its necessary, but do you really think it will be? My bet is its going to be stick 2 or 3, they were a little dusty (not much mind you, I dust out my computer like once a week or so) but dusty none the less.

only ran 1 pass on stick 1, I know, I should probably have run more, I figure if any of the sticks come up no errors, then I'll run more passes on all, as it sits, stick 2 has 2000 errors already, and its just on test 7.

tested all 4 modules. stick 2, or the second one I tested anyways, is the only one that came back with errors. I'm running stick one through slot 2 right now, its not coming back with errors so I'm guessing that the motherboard is good.

My question is, does this mean that the stick is dead or would it be repairable? I'm on the assumption as of now, that its just dead, and will no longer be using it. I plan on buying new ram anyways, probably upgrading to 16gb instead of 8gb.

Tested dead stick in 2 other slots, still the same result. Thanks for the help.


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Glad you got to the bottom of the issue. RAM isn't repairable and you should replace the stick or sticks (as you are doing).

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