Windows 7 BSOD probably related to RADEON driver - Help needed


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Hi all and thanks for your great supporting forum.

I'm experiencing since this morning systematic BSOD at windows login, probably in relation with my video card. The first crash occured while googling (not gaming, no CPU activity), the screen blanked and then BSOD followed by reboot. At reboot, I got a nice all-blue screen instead of the standard windows 7 login screen, probably because the video card was unable to display the screen. Even without any area to click (really an all blue screen), I typed the "return" key, which I know by default perform my standard user login. Windows tried to log in and I had in the following second another BSOD.

What I did so far is restarting in safe mode, removing the Radeon 6870 display driver, and restart the computer (I suspected the video card, as troubles started with weird display behavior). This helped a bit, since the next standard boot was fine, though in SVGA mode (as I had no display driver anymore). Once logged in, I re-installed the Radeon driver from the internet, and on the next boot, again experienced BSOD at startup. I tried further by unsinstalling completly the Catalyst Control Center with all AMD drivers, and then re-installing it on the next safe boot, but each attempt ended up with BSOD at Windows login.

I run a AMD based Windows 7 system, with Radeon 6870. All details are attached in the CPUZ ouput attached. I included also a dmp file from the latest crash. The error code is WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (124).

Thanks for your help !


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Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis: If you've already run the app, the reports weren't complete. Please re-run it and let it run for at least 15 minutes (or until the app itself says it's done).

You can also start with these bootable diagnostics: Initial Hardware Diagnostics
Once in Windows, you can run these diagnostics: Additional Hardware Diagnostics
Start with the video diagnostics as it appears you've isolated the video card as the problem.

Good luck!