BSoD System Service Exception, PFN list Corrupt and IRQ_IS_LESS errors ick!

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First of all, thanks to everyone who posts on these forums. I have a new build (mid December 2011) with a new install (also mid December 2011) of Windows 7 Business 64-bit. It has 8 Gb RAM.

I have been having several BSoDs per day for the last four days. Tried a system restore. Also tried upgrading my BIOS and Mobo drivers. Video drivers are the latest. Still having BSoDs.

Most of the errors are IRQ_IS_LESS_THEN but I have also gotten a System Service Exception and a PFN List Corrupt BSoD.

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You might jump over to the BSOD forum and check the sticky about how to ask for help with BSODs. While there, you will probably be asked to run a memtest on your system.

Otherwise, do you remember anything happening that might have started the problem. Did you load any software or install any devices? Do you know if Windows Update installed any drivers?

Does it crash while running in Safe Mode?

Is there anything you think might be related to the crashes, like heat or some noise or possibly some system activity?

Thank you for the reply. I did not see the BSoD forum last night. I will go over there to post. As far as other devices, I did not attach anything new. The only thing I installed was Quickbooks 2008 but I installed it into Windows XP Mode Windows Virtual PC. I did notice that it installed an early version of .NET framework in the Virtual PC. That is the only thing I can think of. I generally do not get BSoDs when running the Virtual PC and have not had them while running Quickbooks 2008 on the virtual PC. I'll go over to the BSoD to post now.

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