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    Hi WindowsForum members,

    · Windows 7 Service Pack 1
    · x86
    · My OS is retail version.
    · Some of my hardware is already 3 years old, some of it is 2 years old.
    · Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS?
    · My OS is 1 year old, before this problem occur, I already has other problem like my hard disk is experienced bad sector but I already solved it.
    · Intel Core i3 2100
    · Nvidia 9400GT
    · My CPU-Z can't provide mainboard info maybe because I run it in safe mode, but I know it's intel mainboard.
    · I don't know anything about power supply

    I have experienced BSOD since this morning. Last night, when I already finished my work, I shut my computer off and go to bed. When I tried to start my computer this morning, when Windows is finish loading, BSOD is came out on the screen.

    Before I start this thread, I already Google my problem and tried many of others solutions includingupdate my graphic card driver, run bootrec.exe, run check disk, run sfc /scannow, but still don't solve my problem. By the way, my computer doesn't have any problem when I tried to boot it into safe mode but BSOD only occured when I tried to boot my computer normally.

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    Hi Shahril,

    sorry your post hasn't been looked at until now. Do you still need help with this issue?

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