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Hi everyone,
I went from an OEM to a custom built PC with just the graphic card remaining from that OEM system. For most of the time, I experienced BSODs when booting up, but also several times from within Windows, idling or under load.
I figured the mistake (no AHCI in BIOS) and made a clean OS reinstall after deleting the previous partition on my OS drive (SSD).
There's just two issues remaining now, one is some occasional massive performance drops (in explorer / office, no gaming), the other is I have a weird booting problem:
When I start my PC, it'll end in an infinite rebooting loop, sometimes showing BSODs, sometimes not.
Once I push the power button after a reboot (usually before / during POST) and push it a second time, the boot is successful and I can leave the machine running for days, use Standby and get no more BSODs.
I've recently reinstalled the graphics card driver (NVIDIA) according to some guide found on the net: Booting into safe modus, using CCleaner and Driver Sweeper. Win 7 blamed several BSODs on a Nvidia driver before that.

This measure hasn't resolved my boot problem.

I'd highly appreciate some advice on how to make this horrifying bunch of PCB work the way it's supposed to.

Just one more info which might be of interest: I have 2 RAID-1 arrays of Seagate Barracudas and wanted to update their firmware recently. The program loaded as supposed after reboot to do its duty, but refused to do its duty. Now I'm left with still not updated HDDs and an annoying extra prompt during boot which I want to get rid of (looking for a solution at Seagate...). Just in case you find some confusing thing in the boot menu: That's it.


EDIT1: Raids are realized using Intel Rapid Storage.

EDIT2: I just noticed CPU-Z > Memory tRAS reads 21 while the XMP-1334 Timings Table reads 23.


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I hope that's not regarded as impatient behaviour. The problem still persists.
The Barracudas have been updated to the most recent firmware (CC35) and the RAIDs have been deleted. Doing a somewhat automated backup regularly now.

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