Buffering slow over Ethernet

I have a weird issue with my Win 10 laptop. When I connect it to router through a Ethernet cable, video streaming is extremely slow. Whether it is facebook or youtube or any other streaming sites, situation remains same. But when I am on WifI, it's good and faces no issue. What can be the reason for this and how can I resolve it?


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It could be a few things....and most likely directly related to your router. What are the port speed of your router? Are they 10/100 or 10/100/1000? Have you checked your router for a firmware update? What type of ethernet cable are you using CAT 5/5e/6?


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go to www.speedtest.net and run the test what your download and upload speeds are.

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A common problem with Laptops is that the designers of many models out there often do NOT allow wired Ethernet to run concurrently with wireless Ethernet! :shocked: You simply have to disable your Wi-Fi functionality with a slide-switch on the front edge or side edge of your laptop, or with a keyboard combo keystroke sequence such as <Fn-key + F7> or similar (consult your Owners Manual by downloading for free from laptop maker's website). If that still doesn't work, you may have to disable your wireless function in your BIOS; again see Owners Manual for how to access it on startup. This should restore your speed on your wired Ethernet connection when streaming.:up:

This problem is 20 years old in laptops; but is not widely known by home users.

Worth checking out.
Best of luck,:eagerness:

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